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Angular is powerful frontend framework for building web and mobile applications. It provides ability to easily scale, test and maintain your product. Moreover, ecosystem built around the Angular was proven to be an island of stability over past 10 years. Community created hundreds of magnifisent instruments, components, builtin modules for intergration with Angular.

Since version 2 had been released in Sepetember 2016 there were several major releases upon this time, 1 per half a year, that hardened framework durability. Angular CLI was added into project and since then all you need to do is to write ng new app-name in your terminal and CLI will generate new project for you.

Angular is considered to be a multi paradigm tool, which means, that anyone being involved in product development process will find himself acquainted with many concepts Angular was built with, such Object Oriented Programming, Reactive and Functional Programming.

Due to all factors mantioned above we can claim Angular to be enterprice framework No1.

Main concepts of app architecture:

  • Modular structure - components, services and diretives areregistered into modules that are in turns a building blocks of app, having its own isolated scopes, they could inject other modules or be injected into others.
  • MVC pattern - Modal, View, Controller pattern. To make a long story short, view displays modal data, while controller is responsible for modal updates.
  • Hierarchical Dependency Injection - Angular build tree of components, each of them could access services from parent scope and have thair own dependencies inside.
  • Components isolation - Due to Modular structure and Hierarchical Dependency Injection components could be used in any place of application without losing their contexts being created at.

Main tools of Angular:

  • TypeScript - static type language compiled in JavaScript.
  • Rx.js - reactive programing concept in frontend. Observables, Subjects, Shadalers and Pipes.
  • Zone.js - flow control over async tasks.
  • Angular CLI - command line to for project and components generation
  • Protractor - e2e testing framework.


Each instrument is built for certain purpose. Angular fits for big projects due to it flexibility and scalability ease. So, if you have one orjust planning to build smth big you should consider Andular as first place citizen.

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